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Guangzhou Kroad Clothing Co., Ltd.
Produttore di prodotti personalizzati
Prodotti principali: T-Shirt, Felpe con cappuccio, Abbigliamento sportivo, Berretti sportivi, Cappello
Competitive OEM factoryYears in industry(12)Total staff (48)Sample-based customization

Our company is located in. Guangzhou, southern China. We are a Gold Sports Clothing Supplier, specializing in premium sportswear business.

We focus on the quality of clothing and keep developing new technology and products for our growing customers. We offer a series of good service about production, and our professional design team does artwork and designs for you. Any of your order, we can make your ideas become turth,even though you don't have artwork, designs and samples in your hand.

Be with Kroad, begin small, become big.